MapleStory Eluna Event Now Live, Private Test Server Coming in August

MapleStory Eluna Event Now Live, Private Test Server Coming in August
LOS ANGELES – Fans of the immersive massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) MapleStory can now venture to the mineral-rich planet of Eluna and mine valuable crystals for EXP. The interactive event only lasts for a limited time through August 29, 2017 at 4:59 p.m. PDT and is part of the new Override: Venture update from July 19.

Players have just 30 minutes to gather as many Elunite Crystals as possible to receive precious EXP. There are five unique crystal types in all, each worth a varying degree of EXP. Minerals can be acquired by hunting fierce monsters, completing challenging missions, overcoming perilous traps, and more. There are 20 missions to complete in total, each with its own valuable reward. Complete all the missions to get the Master of Eluna Box, containing a special medal and useful scrolls.

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In the MapleStory Eluna Event players can:

  • Catch the Eluna Express and be automatically placed into an exploration team consisting of 10-40 prospectors. The Eluna Express not only takes players to and from the planet of Eluna, it also takes them around Maple World to rapidly level up;
  • Hunt powerful monsters, like the Elunite Elemental, which alternates forms between a ferocious golem or the shape of the surrounding area, as well as packs of Deadly Biteysneks, which consume anything in their path, even a player’s Elunite Crystals;
  • Obtain unique Prospector Boxes based on a player’s Prospector Rank. The player’s rank is determined by the success of the exploration team. Higher-ranked Prospector Boxes contain more valuable rewards.

Nexon America is also rolling out a new private test server (PTS) for MapleStory where players can test and preview upcoming content and events before being released publicly. The PTS is opening for a limited time in August and players can register here to join.

To qualify for participation in the PTS, an account must meet the following criteria:
  • Account must be active (The account has to have logged into the game within the past 3 months);
  • Account must be in good standing (The account cannot be currently banned);
  • Account must have at least 1 character that is at least Lv.100 or above

Here is the brief MapleStory Override: Eluna Trailer:

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