MapleStory Brings Joy this Holiday with Big Updates

MapleStory Brings Joy this Holiday with Big Updates

LOS ANGELES – Nov 1, 2017 – MapleStory, one of the most active free-to-play MMORPGs, is set to receive its biggest content update this year. Players will need room for seconds (and even thirds) this holiday after they try out two brand-new character classes, level up new characters and gets lots of rewards, experience new story episodes and daily dungeons, and much more.

The Nova update rolls out on Nov. 29, 2017 and continues with content releases through Jan. 3, 2018.

MapleStory Brings Joy this Holiday with Big Updates

Nov. 29 – Nova: Liberation of Cadena

  • New Playable Character: Cadena – Whip it good with this brand-new character class, Cadena. The lone survivor of Magnus’s attack on the Heliseum royal family wields a menacing chain to fend off her enemies. The Shadowdealers raised her with a streetwise edge, too, so don’t take her lightly.

Unlock 5th Job Skills

New skills are getting added to the 5th job for all character job categories (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, Pirate).

  • Breakthrough Nova Event

Players leveling up any new character can earn additional free gifts during this event.

  • Spirit Savior Daily Dungeon

Head back to Arcana for this timed dungeon event. Players must save as many Rock Spirits as possible to earn Spirit Coins that are exchangeable for a new Arcane Symbol.

Dec. 14 – Nova: Winter Bard

  • Grand Athenaeum: Winter Bard

Learn about the forgotten hero in episode 4, Winter Bard, a brand-new story coming to Grand Athenaeum.

  • Mega Burning and Hunter’s Arena Events

Quickly level up your new characters with the Mega Burning event’s experience (EXP) boost. Players can also explore a special area to hunt monsters and earn tons of EXP in the Hunter’s Arena event. Players can also complete Step Up missions to receive more rewards.

Dec. 20 – Nova: Brilliance of Illium

  • New Playable Character: Illium – The second brand-new character class, Illium, needs to take his magic skills to the next level. Once he encounters the ancient Crystal he can awaken his amazing power.

MapleStory Brings Joy this Holiday with Big Updates

Jan. 3 – Nova: Morass

  • Morass Comes to Arcane River

Explore the depths of Arcane River to new area, Morass. The Swamp of Memory takes on the appearance from the memories of those who entered it, but has been overwhelmed by the mysterious Tana.

MapleStory, first released in North America in May 2005, is one of the largest and most active free-to-play, side-scrolling MMORPGs in the world. With over 13 million registered users from its Global services alone(there are 7 MapleStory services around the world), the game continues to grow and evolve alongside its passionate community since launching over 12 years. There have been over 274 million characters created to date, which would make MapleStory the 4th highest populated country in the world.

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