Mabinogi Huge Update Brings the Pain with a Chain

Mabinogi Huge Update Brings the Pain with a Chain

LOS ANGELES – Dec. 14, 2017 – Today Mabinogi is bringing players the chance to explore the new talent, Chain Slash, which players can level to wield their new Chain Blade weapons with deadly precision. The update also brings a slew of other additions to the immersive and customizable massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, including new systems and a new defense mission to protect the Avalon Gate in the Baltane Mission, which features a challenging Elite Mode.

Mabinogi offers players entry into a robust, online universe where they can fully customize their own playable characters to experience all facets of fantasy life in the world of Erinn. Realized in true MMO style, Mabinogi features fighting, exploring, dungeon crawling, harvesting, questing and multiplayer teamwork that are all part of a living, breathing online world.

Mabinogi Huge Update Brings the Pain with a Chain

This major content update includes:

  • New Talent, Chain Slash – Players can master new abilities with the Chain Slash talent, consuming dark energy from fallen foes to unleash a range of attacks. Chain Slash features 10 new skills that players can use to annihilate enemies with moves to crush, impale, slice, and more;
  • New Weapon, Chain Blade – To wield the strength of the Chain Slash talent, players can equip the new Chain Blade weapon. Chain Blade comes in a variety of alluring but deadly classifications, including Celtic Howling, Cutthroat, Stinger and Cardinal;
  • Baltane Mission – Players must protect the Avalon Gate alongside the Baltane Squires, and can choose from a variety of Special Units and playstyles to maintain the defense. Perfect for leveling between 60-99, this mission rewards players for progression, even if the whole siege is not cleared;
  • New Systems, Dorcha and Bachram – Attacking enemies allows players to gather dark energy, Dorcha, that can be consumed to use potent Chain Slash skills. Bachram can be gathered by player parties to increase the team’s power, enabling cooldown resets, full recovery of health, mana and stamina, and unlimited use of Chain Slash skills.

Check Out the Mabinogi: Chain Slash Trailer:

Mabinogi is currently free-to-play on PC and Steam.

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