LyteShot Launches Kickstarter Campaign Reinventing the Next Generation of Gaming

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning, Reverb Games announced that LyteShot has launched its Kickstarter campaign.

CES Innovation Design Award Honoree Brings State-of-the-Art Sensor-Based Mobile Platform to the Masses

Chicago, Illinois – January 6, 2015 – Pioneering game system creator LyteShot Inc. unveiled today the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for the LyteShot platform, the groundbreaking mobile gaming platform that turns any place in the world into your gaming arena. The open cloud-based interactive platform reimagines mobile gaming on iOS and Android smart phones to include the next generation of heads-up displays (HUD) for unlimited real-world multiplayer experiences.

With the launch of LyteShot’s Kickstarter campaign, everyone can join the new movement of live-action gaming now, and be one of the first to play this revolutionary gaming platform by supporting LyteShot on Kickstarter.

Adding to the Kickstarter launch, LyteShot will be providing live demos and interviews of the platform using Epson Moverio’s next-generation smart glasses at Epson’s booth (#74728) each morning at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas (January 6-9) demonstrating a fully augmented reality gaming experience.

Immediately live for funding now on Kickstarter with a goal of $168,534, LyteShot offers a compelling set of tiers for players interested in different levels of support for the LyteShot platform. Below are some highlights from our Kickstarter reward tiers:
  • LYTESHOT FAN CLUB – Pledge $50 or more – Receive a hard copy of our limited edition LyteShot Poster, a limited edition Lyte ‘Em Up! T-shirt, and LyteShot Slap Band as your fashionable LytePuck holder.  Also receive exclusive updates, recognition as a backer on our website, and an exclusive Founder Badge on the LyteShot platform.
  • PLAYER 1 READY – Pledge $150 or more – Receive the Lyter & LytePuck set. Be the first to play Assassin on the LyteShot platform and get your friends to do the same! You will also receive an .STL file of 3 LyteShot peripherals for your 3D printer, your name will appear as a backer on our website, and you’ll receive an exclusive Founder Badge on the LyteShot platform.
  • PLAYER 2 READY – Pledge $270 or more – Receive 2 sets of the LyteShot system – that’s 2 Lyters and 2 LytePucks to play Assassin as soon as it arrives at your door!  You will also receive an .STL file of 3 LyteShot peripherals for your 3D printer, your name will appear as a backer on our website, and you’ll receive an exclusive Founder Badge on the LyteShot platform.
  • LYTESHOT VISIONARY – Pledge $700 or more – Receive the Lyter & LytePuck set, and 1 set of Epson’s Moverio BT-200 Glasses!  Play Assassin with your new Heads Up Display (HUD) glasses as soon as it arrives at your door. You will also receive an .STL file of 3 LyteShot peripherals for your 3D printer, your name will appear as a Visionary Backer on our website, and you’ll receive an exclusive Visionary Founder Badge on the LyteShot platform.
  • LYTESHOT HELIPORTATION – Pledge $5,000 or more (Limited to 1) – Receive everything in the LyteShot Double Visionary package (see Kickstarter for details) plus an exclusive LyteShot Heliplay session with our Founders and one of your friends. You’ll board a private helicopter with your new LyteShot gear at the south Chicago area Municipal Airport and get dropped at a strategic landing point at the Joliet Army Ammunitions Plant to challenge the creators of Assassin at their own game!   Package includes 1 overnight hotel stay (dbl occupancy) and lunch with the founders. (Travel to Chicago or heliport not included.)

Take a look at the official LyteShot video:

Named as an Honoree of the prestigious CES 2015 Innovation Design Award in the Gaming Hardware & Accessories category and currently exhibiting at the Epson Moverio booth at CES, LyteShot is at the forefront of the shift in the interactive digital game space by linking mobile gaming and physical play to create new gaming experiences.
LyteShot is demoing its Assassin game using the Epson Moverio smart glasses at CES right now at the Epson’s Sands Expo Booth #74728. The versatile LyteShot platform engages the explosive growth of the ARG (Alternate Reality Gaming) movement that delivers compelling interactive gaming experiences away from the living room to ignite the player’s imagination.
LyteShot’s integrated platform consists of the LyteShot mobile app system, the Lyter handheld device, and the LytePuck sensor, which leverage an array of sensors that combine to deliver an endless supply of games from live-action role-playing games, first-person shooters, new variations of games of tag with user-defined obstacles, as well as scavenger hunts with challenges, and adventures with complex storylines. With LyteShot, the experiences are only limited by the imagination, as the platform offers unrivaled immersive gaming experiences.
“It’s time that mobile games become truly mobile by getting players away from TV and computer screens and instead interacting with the real world,” said LyteShot co-founder and CEO Mark Ladd. “The LyteShot platform gives developers an open-source SDK to create entirely new augmented reality games, and gives makers the chance to create unique 3D printed peripherals.  At its core, the platform is designed to get gamers outside, playing with their friends, bringing completely new gameplay experiences that enhance imagination.”
The platform is launching with Assassin and will be followed by Besieged, with more games in development:
  • Assassin: Besides the option to play the classic rules of Assassin, game of ‘hunt or be hunted,’ Assassin starts by giving players options to set up timeframes, boundaries, special functionalities to make the game more complex (like respawning, late entry, cool-down clock, penalties, private or public options) and more. Players set their timers, receive their dossiers and mugshots, and then use the phone’s geolocation functionalities to find and eliminate their targets. Upon tracking and killing their opponent, LyteShot will automatically update the game status and immediately deliver the next target from the players left remaining in the game. The game ends when the last Assassin eliminates their last target.
  • Besieged: A fantasy role-playing game (RPG), Besieged engages teams of players against one another by locating and securing territories that get more complex as the game continues. Players select the roles of warrior, wizard, or ranger — each a distinct class endowed with unique characteristics and abilities — and work cooperatively as a team to obtain and control more strategic objectives (“zones”) than the other team, earning them points over time. As gamers play through multiple matches, they earn experience points and abilities, advancing them with a persistent character, and leveling up to wield greater powers.
“LyteShot is exactly what I always envisioned mobile gaming should be, and with the advancements in technology we are now able to bring true augmented reality to players unlike any system before it,” said co-founder and CTO Tom Ketola, a 20-year veteran of the video game industry with positions at leading game development studios such as Activision, Sony, Midway, Konami and most recently at Disney Interactive.
The LyteShot platform has been created with the developer in mind by game developers. It’s built on a versatile, fully integrated, open source software development kit (SDK), and designed for immediate access and usability for developers to create innovative games driven by creativity and imagination. The accessible hardware and peripheral system enables users to design and 3D print their own peripherals that attach to the Lyter for any type of game. The hardware wirelessly connects with players’ smartphones through Bluetooth (BLE) on any iOS or Android device to utilize its many sensors, including infrared (IR) and an accelerometer, to provide instantaneous in-game data such as player positioning, leaderboards and hit-count via the LyteShot cloud servers.

Join the gaming revolution and support LyteShot on Kickstarter. For more information please visit the Website, Twitter feed @Lyteshot, or “like” it on Facebook or Google+.

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Source: Press Release