LYRIKO Award Winning Language Game Launching Next Week for Mobile

LYRIKO Award Winning Language Game Launching Next Week for Mobile

Developer Skylight Games out of Cambridge, Massachusetts will launch its award winning language game, Lyriko, for mobile devices on Monday, November 23rd.

Lyriko Game Modes

Picture It
Learning new words with both text and pictures creates multiple connections in the mind, making remembering easier. The mind has ways of thinking that are comfortable and familiar for it, like paths through the woods. Each time it thinks in the same way, that path gets stronger. Remembering a word is like finding a clearing in the woods – the more paths there are to that clearing, and the stronger each path is, the easier it is to find it. This is especially helpful for people who prefer visual learning.

LYRIKO Award Winning Language Game Launching Next Week for Mobile

When learning a new language, you’re overloaded with unfamiliar text and sounds. The brain responds to overload by ignoring information it thinks is not as important, like small differences in spelling or pronunciation, especially at the end of a word. Many words have multiple endings (learn/learns/learned/learning), and these differences can be hard to notice. Impostor changes the spelling of a word in each line of the song, and challenges you to listen and read carefully to find that mistake. This trains the brain about what kinds of information are important, so it doesn’t ignore it. Over time, these small mistakes become more obvious, helping learners find them in their own writing or speech, too.

The first time you hear a new language, it’s hard to separate words from each other; all the sounds seem to run together! Even if you know the meaning and spelling of a word, you may not hear it when it’s used in a conversation. Interlude strengthens this text-sound connection, challenging you to match what you see and hear by removing one word in each line. Seeing and hearing a word at the same time also connects the spelling and pronunciation in your mind so you can read out loud without fear!

Sometimes, you just want to know what the song is about without the extra challenge of the game modes. In Reference mode, there’s no score, so you can calmly listen to the song and read translations. There are whole-line translations to help you understand the idea of the song quickly, and there are also translations of each word and phrase – touch anything to find out what it means in this context and see a picture. When you’re comfortable with the song, challenge yourself in one of the game modes!

LYRIKO Award Winning Language Game Launching Next Week for Mobile

Learning a language takes time, and sometimes you might feel like you’re not progressing. Our achievements will help you measure your progress and stay motivated. Even better, as you complete achievements, you’ll get credits to unlock new songs for yourself or…

Another good way to stay motivated is to share the journey with friends! Connect with friends inside Lyriko to see each other’s progress. Also, you’ll earn credits from achievements that you can give as gifts to your friends to encourage them and help everyone stay motivated!

Lyriko comes with four free songs, and you can unlock a bunch more for free by completing the achievements and sharing free gifts with friends. If you want to get even more songs, check out the store inside the app.

Take a look at the official Lyriko trailer:


Lyriko releases Monday, November 23, 2015 on Google Play and the App Store.

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