Lost Planet 3 – Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

As announced by Capcom, Lost Planet 3 will ship on June 25, with a range of in-game pre-order bonuses available. The following are the participating retailers in the pre-order bonus program:

  • GameStop/EB Games
  • Amazon, and 
  • Best Buy. 

As reported by Microsoft, “each pre-order bonus is essentially a DLC pack that makes a range of bonus options available in multiplayer.”

GameStop and EB Games  pre-orders get access to the Freedom Fighter Pack, which adds five characters and two rig upgrades. The bonus characters are Grace Peyton, Phil Braddock, Jenette Diaz, Gale Holden (in his Lost Planet 1 design), and Hunk, guest-starring from the Resident Evil series. The bonus rig upgrades are the Pressurized Claw, which increases a utility rig’s claw strength and crushing power by 25%, and the Tungsten Carbide Drill, which does an extra 25% damage to Akrid enemies.”

Amazon pre-orders  get the Punisher Pack, which adds the same rig upgrades as the Freedom Fighter Pack, as well as three unique bonus weapons. The weapons are the Incinerator (Particle Thrower Variant), NEVEC Punisher (Pulse Rifle), and Spit-Fire (Grenade Launcher Variant).

Best Buy pre-orders  get the Assault Pack, which adds the rig upgrades from the Freedom Fighter Pack, and three unique bonus weapons that differ from the Punisher Pack’s selection. The Assault Pack bonus weapons are the Assault Shotgun, Customized Pneumatic Injector Gun, and Destructeur (LaRoche’s Assault Rifle).

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