Lord of the Rings Online Offering Level 50 Characters for Sale

For the first time ever, Turbine is allowing its Lord of the Rings Online players to purchase the Legendary Gift of the Valar for a limited time: Dec 13th – 19th.

Lord of the Rings Online Level Up


You can become Legendary by paying 4995 tp.

Receive a gift from the Valar that makes your character powerful enough to delve in the deeps of Moria. After using the Gift of the Valar, your character will instantly be raised to level 50! Delivers a package that contains the following:


  • Gift of the Valar Item
  • A set of level 50 gear
  • 1 Gold piece
  • An LIXP rune, worth enough XP to bring one LI to level 10
  • 4 ranks of each virtue
  • The Riding skill
  • A Dusky Nimblefoot Goat
  • A 25-stack of food that scales with your level
  • A 25-stack of Morale and Power potions that scale with your level
  • 5 +100% XP Boosts
  • A single-use map to Rivendell
  • 25 Mithril Coins

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