Light in the Dark for Mobile at PAX Prime 2014

I had the pleasure of meeting the Light in the Dark mobile game developers, DreamGate Studios, at PAX Prime.

Light in the Dark for Mobile at PAX Prime 2014 2

CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA — Mobile gamers that want a new challenge can look forward to September 2014 when Dreamgate Studios releases Light in the Dark, a physics and color blending puzzle game hybrid.   PAX Prime 2014 attendees are getting an early look at the title, which is being demoed in the Academy of Interactive Entertainment’s booth.

Light in the Dark will test players’ wits as they help the cute colorful-cartoon species known as totems find and rescue their babies, lost in the labyrinths of long forgotten tombs.  Baby totems are reunited with their parents by spotlighting the children in a specific color, requiring gamers to bend and blend sources of light. Navigating the ancient mazes in Light in the Dark requires quick thinking and reactions to avoid the many obstacles as well as evil mummies and other creatures lurking in the shadows of the burial ground.

While this is the first title by Dreamgate Studios, it is far from the only game the developers have worked on.  The team is comprised of industry veterans whose resumes’ cite AAA series including X-Com, Bioshock and Fallout.

“We are drawing on the decades of development experience acquired from working on gamers’ favorite franchises to deliver a quick, fun and engaging experience,” David De Margheriti, CEO, Dreamgate Studios, explains.  “Based on feedback we received during testing, Light in the Dark’’s colorful environments filled with strategic challenges, should be right on the mark for puzzle lovers.”

Take a look at the game trailer below:

Light in the Dark will be available for $1.99 USD in the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone Apps+Games Store at launch.

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