Leviathan: The Cargo Launches on Steam Early Access

Leviathan The Cargo Gaming Cypher

Developer Lostwood Games has announced that today they will be launching their new project, Leviathan: The Cargo, on Steam Early Access.

Leviathan: the Cargo is an action adventure game based on a setting from the developer’s previous game, Leviathan: the Last Day of the Decade. It is not just a sequel, but it is a completely new story of deep human fears, passions, redemption and happiness.

Leviathan: The Cargo Features:

  • Original setting, a somber and mystic fantasy world, filled with alien technologies and arcane mysteries of noble families
  • Your decisions are important: the characters listen to every word you say, and careless actions can lead to severe consequences or… to new side stories!
  • Gameplay as experience: features of adventure, shooter, RPG, visual novel and survival genres merge together to provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience
  • Unique style: dark, grotesque comic book-style visuals, flashy camera angles and enthralling dialogues
  • 18+: The Cargo is a mature game for mature people
  • And you’ll be able to meet some of the characters from Leviathan: the Last Day of the Decade

Here is the official Leviathan: The Cargo Steam Early Access trailer:

In addition, today at 22:00 PDT Lostwood Games will have a stream to celebrate the release of their new project! https://www.twitch.tv/lostwoodgames

You can download Leviathan: The Cargo on Steam Early Access starting today.

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