Level Up Your Game Room With These Design Tips

It’s fine if you still decorate your home with lava lamps and beanbag chairs. And it’s OK if you don’t know that Marsala is Pantone’s color of the year. Even though you prefer online gaming sessions to reading the latest articles about home decor trends, you can still outfit your gaming room with stylish furnishings and create an envy-worthy gamer heaven. Here’s how:

Get a Gamer Chair

Unlike your old couch, advanced gamer chairs can vibrate and jolt with the action of the game and come equipped with surround sound headrest speakers to give you the total gaming experience.

Gaming chairs come in a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, cloth, mesh and polyurethane, and most styles have built-in storage pockets for controllers. Plus, both the rocker and pedestal styles can easily be moved to different areas of your gaming room. This means that wherever you place your chair, you’ll have the best seat in the house.

Hayneedle.com offers state-of-the-art gaming chairs that are compatible with systems, such as the Xbox One and Xbox 360, PlayStation and Wii.

Level Up Your Game Room With These Design Tips

Soundproof the Room

Enjoy the action sounds of your favorite video games without bothering your neighbors or roommates by soundproofing your gaming lair. Acoustic foams, which are typically used in recording studios, can be used to absorb sound in your game room. The Foam Factory offers four different types of acoustic foams, including wedge, pyramid, convoluted and studio foam styles. This way you can turn up the volume as loud as you want.

Beware of the Glare

The last thing you want in your gaming room is for something to distract from your game. And nothing does that more than the annoying glare the sun casts on your screen. Luckily, certain types of shades and blinds are specially constructed to eliminate unwanted light.

The Shade Store offers custom-made blackout roller shades that block natural light from the entering your space. This type of window treatment also may help if you play at odd times during the day or night because the sun coming up in the morning or setting at night won’t trigger your natural sleep patterns as easily.

Don’t Forget Your Tech Accessories

When thinking about decor details for your gaming room, don’t forget needed tech accessories.

  • Surge Protector: Dodge the ultimate buzzkill — a power surge or brownout — by using a surge protector for your system. The Belkin Pivot Plug 12-Outlet Surge Protector has an energy rating of 4320 joules and comes equipped with eight rotating outlets to make plugging in easy. Using a surge protector can help to protect your system or computer from experiencing damage caused by voltage fluctuations, spikes and surges. For extra peace of mind, Belkin offers a $300,000 warranty. So, if your equipment is damaged by a surge or spike, the company will replace it.
  • Controller Charging Station: Cordless controller technology allows gamers to play freely without the hassle of messy cables. But, when the controller battery is low, gamers still have to plug in. Nyko offers modular charging kits for nine different types of systems that eliminate the need for plugs and cables. With the Nyko charging kits in your arsenal, you’ll always have a controller ready on stand-by. Plus, the charging kits help eliminate unsightly clutter.