LEGO City Undercover Exclusive Item Unlock Codes

By now a lot of you are having fun playing Chase McCain in Lego City Undercover with great tunes and adventures on the Wii U.

We have two new cool costume codes as well as two new rocking vehicle codes.

Here they are:

Samurai Warrior – r j y z h c

Baseball Player – y c m w k p 

Vehicle Reolcator –  v z h h d m  

Vehicle Drakonas –  d w j v c t

In order to activate these codes, you will have to rebuild the main computer. Next just navigate the menus and enter the codes one at a time. Once you are finished entering the codes, go downstairs in the Police Station’s basement on the left side next to Ellie’s Desk and enter the doors. Here you’ll be able to change into your new costumes.

As far as the vehicles, just go to the nearest call-in point and use the Wii U GamePad to select the vehicle of your choice.

Are you excited yet?

Thanks IGN