Legion TD 2 Kickstarter 75% Funded in 2 Days!

Legion TD 2 Kickstarter 75% Funded in 2 Days!

Legion TD 2 (LTD2) is running strong, raising almost $40,000 in only 48 hours. It is the successor to one of the most played and beloved Warcraft mods of all time and now appears well on its way to reality. Interested backers can show their support of this mod-friendly game of strategy and skill by checking out and contributing to the Kickstarter campaign.

LTD2  gameplay revolves around deploying and upgrading dynamic fighters and summoning creatures to attack your opponents. Rather than beat the stage or solve the puzzle once, you coordinate with teammates to defeat real life opponents. With a wide array of strategies, LTD2 offers a unique experience with every game. The closed beta launches with 4 playable legions (races) and over 50 unique fighters.

“We are thrilled with the response so far,” said Brent ‘Lisk’ Batas, Lead Designer of LTD2. “We knew there were a lot of fans out there that fondly remember Legion TD and we are humbled to work with them to create their next Legion experience.”

Given that the developer, AutoAttack Games has its roots in mod creation, it is no surprise that LTD2 is providing content-creation tools, developer APIs, and open access to data to ensure the mod community has an outlet for their creativity.

The Kickstarter’s goal is to move the project from its current prototype state through the beta period, providing the funds to finish the remaining art assets and begin the heavier testing that the beta will require. Backers will be invited to join in this community-driven process and ensure the final version of LTD2 is the perfect experience for new and veteran players.

Here is the Legion TD 2 teaser trailer:

You can contribute to the Legion TD 2 Kickstarter campaign right now.

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