Legendary Art School Now on Indie GoGo

Legendary Art School (film) is now on Indie GoGo and is asking for $400,000 with 43 days left.

Legendary Art School Now on Indie GoGo

Here is what Amir Hassan, writer and anime fan from United Arab Emirates had to say,

Legendary Art’s School is my first book and am very proud of it. when I wrote the story I put everything I like in anime and didn’t write something just to sell. every character come from special place in my heart and every line of the story is an experience I enjoyed and cherished.

The logical step after writing animation  story is to make the animation and that’s what am trying to achieve today. I met with many companies in my country and in japan  to get seed funding but they refuse because its not “main-stream” so here iam on Indiegogo asking animation fans and independent artist for support because only you decide what you want to watch.

I am going to calibrate  with Japanese studio to work on the animation so it will have all the smooth drawing style that we love and adore.

You can go directly to the game’s Indie GoGo page and help them out if you like the concept.

Source: Indie GoGo