Leading Mobile Game Engine Rolls Out New SDKBOX Initiative

Menlo Park, CA, May 6 2015 — Today, Chukong Technologies announced the beta launch of Cocos SDKBOX, a platform that provides a smooth integration of third party SDK services with games developed with industry-renowned Cocos2d-x game engine. Cocos SDKBOX is an open platform that will eventually support all major services for mobile game’s production and operation, in the areas of analytics, user acquisition, monetization, advertising, and more.

Leading Mobile Game Engine Rolls Out New SDKBOX Initiative

With Cocos SDKBOX, Cocos engineers will develop a Service Bundle, which includes plug-ins of programming languages supported by Cocos, such as C++, Lua, and Javascript, as well as SDK provided by service provider, sample code, and documentation, for each participating service to integrate with Cocos games. The Cocos SDKBOX will provide a plug-in manager that allows plug-ins to be installed conveniently. Functions of Cocos SDKBOX will be a key component of Cocos engine and backward compatible.

Cocos SDKBOX will certify participating services as Certified by Cocos to ensure developers that by using the Service Bundle, a third party service will be integrated with Cocos2d-x games with a smooth and high-quality process. For service providers, Cocos SDKBOX will also serve as a catalog in which their products can be easily found and adopted by Cocos developers.

“This is a great service,” said David Bardwick, Lead SDK Developer at Kochava. “I was able to create an iOS app as easily and have Kochava integrated and running in 15 minutes from start to finish! As service provider we are very excited about this service and look forward to implementing it with our users in the future.”

“We have been working hard on the Cocos SDKBOX and today we’re thrilled to release the beta launch of our premier third party platform,” said Lei Zhang, General Manager of Chukong Technologies, USA. “We look forward to getting our SDK in the hands of our partners and industry leaders to gain valuable feedback, and release the best product possible when ready.”

“The Cocos2d-x team has taken a smart approach to decreasing the impact of SDK maintenance with SDKBOX and they have been very receptive to feedback. We’re excited to explore the possibilities this new framework offers for simplifying the SDK integration across multiple platforms in Big Fish Casino.” – Andy Vella, Senior Director of Engineering, Big Fish Casino.

Other key features of Cocos SDKBOX include:

  • Test automation to certify that a particular service’ integration with Cocos games reaches an acceptable standard of quality
  • Community and dedicated support for integration issues
  • Test harness, which includes sample code, playable app, and test accounts
  • Service catalog for developers to browse, compare, and research services in different categories

Third party services supported with Cocos SDKBOX’s beta launch include:

Source: Press Release