Lakeview Cabin Collection New Trailer

has released a new trailer for Lakeview Cabin Collection by Roope Tamminen.

Lakeview Cabin Collection is an episodic horror comedy game, inspired by classic slasher movies.

Lakeview Cabin Collection New Trailer

Game Features:

  • Control a group of teenagers and enjoy your time on various environments.
  • Beware, there just might be a serial killer on the loose!
  • Use the tools provided creatively and defeat the evil!
  • Single-player action with hilariously horrifying situations!
  • Episodic gameplay with varying themes and challenges
  • Multiple controllable characters
  • Puzzles with multiple solutions
  • Learn the inner workings of a level and use them to your advantage.

You can go help support Lakeview Cabin Collection on Steam Greenlight. and buy it on Humble Bundle.

Source: James Id