LA-MULANA EX Heading to Tokyo Game Show 2014

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning, publisher Pygmy Studio Co., Ltd. and Rising Star Games have announced that their PS Vita archaeological ruins exploration action Game, LA-MULANA EX is headed to the Tokyo Game Show 2014.

LA-MULANA EX” features numerous careful adjustments to the original PC version, and adds a Monster Bestiary, Trophies, and Leaderboard support. You can play “LA-MULANA EX” power-upped for PlayStation® Vita in September at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2014’s PYGMY STUDIO’s booth (located at 2-N3).

The Ruins of “LA-MULANA” are said to be the origin of all life. You must go there in search of the “Treasure of Life” in this Archeological Ruins Exploration Action Game. A challenge attraction is planned an the booth to get original goodies. Will you be able to solve the secret of LA-MULANA ?!

Take a look at the new screenshots below:

LA-MULANA Ex is slated for a December release for PS Vita.

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Source: Press Release