Krosmaga to Welcome WAKFU SERIES

Krosmaga to Welcome WAKFU SERIES

Under Oropo’s leadership, eight new Infinite cards are introducing the Forgotten to the game, straight out of the series WAKFU Season 3. Along with the goddess Feca – who is making a noteworthy entry – and new cards for each god, they form the next Krosmaga expansion.

Roubaix, France – December 20, 2017 – Staying faithful to its transmedia direction, Ankama is introducing the Brotherhood of the Forgotten to Krosmaga. The Brotherhood is made up of characters who are pivotal to Season 3 of the animated series WAKFU, and who are also appearing in the MMOs DOFUS and WAKFU.

Take a Look at the Krosmaga – The Brotherhood of Oropo Trailer:

These eight Infinite cards form part of the 90 cards in the “Brotherhood of Oropo” expansion: They represent Oropo, Echo, Toxine, Poo, Arpagone, Bump, Mishell, and Dathur.

Krosmaga to Welcome WAKFU SERIES

Three class cards are being added for each of the nine gods already in the game.

Lastly, they are going to welcome their counterpart, the goddess Feca, who won’t come empty-handed, with her 16 Minions and 19 spells. What’s more, she’s introducing an innovative style of gameplay thanks to her “Rallying” skill: Feca players will have a real little army, whose success will depend on subtle placement strategy.

You can play Krosmaga for free via Steam.