Konami’s The P.T. Experiment Contest Details


Send your reaction videos playing P.T. for a chance to be featured on TGS

Konami's The P.T. Experiment Contest Details

Ever since its release on PlayStation®4, P.T. has been sending chills down the spines of over a million gamers, some are too terrified to play for more than 5 minutes – but how brave are YOU?

Whether you laughed in the face of fear or froze from sheer terror, we’d love to see your reactions!

Send in footage of yourself playing P.T. for a chance to be featured as part of the Kojima Productions’ Stage shows at the Tokyo Game Show!

The winners will be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2014.

‘So, what do I have to do?’

  1. Download P.T., it’s free to download on PlayStation®4!
  2. Set up a camera and film yourself or a group of you playing P.T., it can be as long or as short as you like (or can withstand!) – we want to see YOUR reactions, not gameplay footage.
  3. Upload the footage to your YouTube account, or other video sharing networks.
  4. Name the footage ‘The P.T. Experiment’ along with a suitable description of your choice (For example: “Playing in the Dark” or “Mum Playing P.T.”) and publish for public viewing.
  5. Submit your creation on the following site. Please remember to include your contact details along with a link to your video!


Can I submit more than one video? – Yes, we will accept more than one submission.
Do I need to act terrified? – No, we want to see natural reactions, whether it’s screaming or complete calmness. This is an experiment after all.
Can I film someone else playing? – Sure, as long as you have their consent to be filmed and the content to be shared.
Can I submit a video that was created previous to this competition? – Yes, as long as it meets the requirements detailed here (for example, naming the footage).
How do I submit the footage? – Once your video has been uploaded for public viewing, send us a link to the video by using the following form.
Do I need to edit the footage? – No, we’ll do all the editing. Please do not add any special effects, narration or music. This is an experiment after all.
How will a winner be picked? – The winner will be picked randomly.
Do I need to play in the dark? – This would be our preference, but we’d like to actually see you on screen – so not too dark (unless you have a night vision camera)!
What will you do with these videos? – Some of the videos will be compiled together and shown at Tokyo Game Show 2014, or used at a later date.

The deadline is September 13th 23:59 JST, the winners will be announced at Tokyo Game Show 2014!

Let us know if you’ll be joining the contest.

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