Kingdom Come: Deliverance Content Update Detailed

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Content Update Detailed

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Tech Alpha update brings innovative sword fighting experience for gamers

  • New content: Massive Tech Alpha update including sword fighting, horse riding, new locations and quests and more
  • New languages: English voice overs will be supplemented by French and German subtitles
  • Gamescom 2015: Detailed presentation of Combat System and Hands on experience, interviews with Creative Director and Lead Combat Designer, public presence

Tech Alpha 0.4 content

A massive update available was released by Warhorse Studios for Kingdom Come: Deliverance backers! New features and improvements include:

  • Unique sword combat system created and designed with medieval arts experts, to give a real sense of 15th century fighting techniques. Players can now try to master the Longsword, 7 different attacks and 5 special combos. They can now try to defeat opponents of different levels while taking into account the following features:
    • Aiming at 5 different body parts.
    • Managing stamina for improved parrying or attacks.
    • Using special technics such as half-swording, pommel strikes, clinch, etc.
    • Punching, Kicking or pushing to the ground opponents.
    • Defeating, protections from leather to full plate armor. Each requiring special tactics and technics.
  • Map expansion: 4 times bigger than the previous update, with new locations, including Merhojed village, an army camp with proving grounds, shooting range and a secret stash guarded by Cuman raiders.
  • 7 additional quests including English voice-overs.
  • Experience new features like alchemy, lock picking, archery or grave digging.
  • New languages: We are releasing German and French subtitles today!

The Windows PC Alpha version of the game is available with additional content for people backing Kingdom Come: Deliverance development on A Steam key of the Alpha version will be provided as well as one for the complete game upon release.

Here is the official E3 2015 Trailer:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance will be available in Summer 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. You can help fund this project here. (currently around $2.4 million funded so far)

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