King Oddball Heading to PS4 on April 1

Developer 10tons Ltd. has announced that King Oddball will be heading to PS4 on April 1.

King Oddball Heading to PS4 on April 1

This is the developer’s first game on PS4, and it dubs King Oddball as,

“a strange, skill-based physics puzzle.”

King Oddball features a floating rock head with a “ginormously” long tongue as the main character, whose mission is to end the world with your help.

The gameplay is based on pressing a button at precisely the right moment. The King picks up a rock with his tongue and swings it back and forth like a pendulum. The rock is released when you hit X. It’s not just a simple test of timing though: After the first few levels, you’ll need to crush more enemies than you have rocks for. That, in turn, requires careful strategy and anticipation of how the chain reactions will unfold. We’ve tuned the physics model to pretty extreme accuracy, so relying solely on luck won’t work. The game gets very challenging towards the end, and The Hall of Diamonds mode actually gets well into masocore territory.

King Oddball will allow a free trial upon its release on April 1st for the PS4.

What did you think? Will you be giving King Oddball a chance?

Source: PlayStation Blog