Kinect Project: Rare Just Posted a Bunch of Job Vacancies for Mysterious New Project

Rare just posted a bunch of job advertisements calling for Kinect experience as well as applicants who are proficient in Cloud Technology. The rumors are flying high about this being a new Xbox 720 next gen project.

The following are the job listings:

  • Senior Programmer – a region design manager to assist with “the next jaw-dropping, never-been-done-before Rare project”. Advantageous criteria include “experience of motion gaming, especially Kinect technology”
  • Experienced Physics Programmer –  is sought to “deliver advanced game engine software for use within the studio” and “ensure that content authoring tools and the asset pipeline efficiently fulfill the evolving needs of physics based gameplay and animation.”
  • Lead Game Programmer – the basic overview is to have the role of leading a team of passionate gameplay engineers and being responsible for growing small prototypes into something big
  • Service Infrastructure Engineer – responsibilities include building large scale distributed systems with a focus on scalability, reliability and maintainablity.

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Put all this together, and (assuming it’s for one and but the one project) you’re looking at a cloud-based Kinect game that leans heavily on realistic physics. My money’s on a new incarnation of Kinect Sports with dramatically enhanced multiplayer, where you can track your fitness and perform activities across phones, tablets and computers. Thrilling stuff. Ah well, maybe they’ll throw in another Viva Pinata to keep us grumpy old lethargy enthusiasts happy.