Killzone Shadow Fall Videos Feature The Academy, 10th Anniversary Expansion Pack

Developer Guerrilla Games and Sony Computer Entertainment have released three new videos for Killzone Shadow Fall featuring the 10th Anniversary Expansion, the free Academy map and the Weapons Facility.

Killzone Shadow Fall Videos Feature The Academy, 10th Anniversary Expansion Pack

The Academy DLC Map – if you recognize this map from its previous incarnation, you will find that the layout is largely as you remember. For newcomers, the symmetrical layout and the angle at which the building is perched should make it easy to get to grips with navigation. Gameplay is largely centered around the main courtyard, but placement of the objectives will encourage you to range into the far corners of the Academy. Finding clever flanking routes to these areas will undoubtedly help you in your mission.

The Academy and The Weapons Facility – In its glory days, Radec Academy was one of the crown jewels in the Helghast military machine. For Intelligence Squad Alpha, it’s as good a place as any to dig in while they transmit Stahl’s intercepted combat orders back to HQ.

The Weapons Facility – After procuring the bioweapon from Dr. Massar, Stahl’s forces shuttled it to Helghan for further research. It’s up to Intelligence Squad Alpha to secure the Weapon Facility and upload its research data back to HQ for analysis.

Killzone Shadow Fall 10th Anniversary Expansion Pack – The 10th Anniversary Expansion Pack offers unprecedented personalization options for Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer:

2 New Multiplayer Character Skins – Customize the look of your multiplayer characters with the ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Special Forces’ uniform options.

2 New OWL Skins – Matching ‘Honor Guard’ and ‘Special Forces’ skins for your combat automata will complement your new look.

2 New Voice Packs – Change your battle chatter with the hilarious ‘Angry Veteran’ voice pack, or hear what the Killzone Shadow Fall dev team sounds like with the ‘Dev Team’ voice pack.

2 New Player Card Icon Packs – Give your Player Card some character with the ‘Identity’ Icon Pack, or show off your favorite weapon with the ‘Weapons Of Shadow Fall’ Icon Pack.

New Crosshairs Customization – A new system lets you customize the reticules for all weapons, and the pack comes with seven brand new crosshair sets.

The 10th Anniversary expansion pack launches in Europe on 5th November and is available for free to Season Pass owners.


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Source: SonyPlayStation