Killzone: Shadow Fall Adds King of the Hill Multiplayer Mode

Developer Guerrilla Games has announced that it’s adding the King of the Hill multiplayer mode to Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Killzone: Shadow Fall Adds King of the Hill Multiplayer Mode
Here is how the developer described the new Killzone: Shadow Fall King of the Hill Multiplayer Mode:

There’s a new King of the game rule set in Killzone, and it’s King of the Hill. This new addition aims to create chaos. The fast-paced action will prove challenging, but shouldn’t deter all you challengers to the throne. The constant shift of battle locations will keep you on your edge and bring out the best in your game.

King of the Hill features:

  • 16 Player Limit – The community has requested strongly for 16 player battles. The new rules are designed for 16 player Capture & Move with 15 minutes per map.
  • Shorter respawn time – In order to make the competition heated, the respawn time is reduced.
  • Point limit – The points needed to capture the location have been increased from 100 to 250, making it the gritty uphill battle you’ve always wanted from Killzone.

The King of the Hill Warzone is already up and running here. Join the battle now and fight your way to the top of the hill. Then try to keep it.
King of the Hill will have collectible crates, and use all maps. You can download the Map DLC from the PSN store for free. King of the Hill will be featured in your multiplayer home screen for easy access.

You can also take a look at the Killzone: Shadow Fall Insurgent Pack video here.

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