Killzone Mercenary New Updates and Maps Coming Soon

The PlayStation Blog announced that Guerrilla Cambridge’s Killzone Mercenary will be getting new updates and maps soon.

The following is taken directly from the Blog:

Update 3. In terms of functionality there will only be minimal changes but this is the patch that reduces the size of the other patches! After installing this patch it will free up around 800MB of space for those who have already installed Updates 1 and 2. Update 3 should be ready in the next few weeks.


Update 4 is due in January and is being designed to improve Matching and to help reduce join-game connectivity problems, as well as adding an auto team-rebalancing feature.

Following that is the big one – Update 5, which includes two new MP maps for FREE; and the release of offline Botzone for Mercenary and Guerrilla Warfare modes (price TBC).

Also in the first few months of 2014 will be Update 6, in which we’re working towards continued refinements and adding support for playing KZM on Vita TV.


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Are you looking forward to the new content?