Killing Horizon Releases Dropship Landing Zone Screenshot

Developer Radioactive Software has released a new screenshot for Killing Horizon.

Killing Horizon Releases Dropship Landing Zone Screenshot

Here is how the developer describes Killing Horizon:

Killing Horizon is an online hybrid Real-Time Strategy/3rd Person/1st Person Shooting game where players can fight for control over large battlefields, gathering planetary resources to expand their faction’s hold on the planet. There are several gameplay modes ranging from territory control, and resource gathering, to arcade-like Arena Combat modes to hone your killing skills. The game supports up to 64 players-per-game server, and features an advanced order management system where players can issue orders to each other and gain global experience-points for successfully completing them. Instead of having a single commander, the team’s orders will basically be determined by the team and players’ willing to complete them. The game also features a wide variety of weapons and vehicles you can use to annihilate the enemy!

In addition, Radioactive Software is requesting the players’ help,

I’d like to develop Killing Horizon directly with the players. I’ll be offering a generous “early adoption”, “pre order” version of the game, which will allow you instant early access to the project (plus a full version when completed), and allow me to work directly with you to develop the game into exactly what, you, the players want! I’ll be posting weekly updates and Developer Journal updates on the progress of the project. I will also post new builds of the game to the early adopters on a near weekly basis. To stay updated please create a free Radioactive-Software Account and stay tuned to this webpage!

Take a look at the new Dropship Landing Zone tweet and screenshot below:

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Source: Radioactive Software