Killer Plants from Outer Space by Fluffy Logic, Trailer

Killer Plants from Outer Space by Fluffy Logic, is a new reverse tower defense game in PlayStation Home.

PlayStation describes this game – ‘Take on the role of Professor Fred Jean, bio-mechanical engineer extraordinaire, to overcome the hordes of killer plants skilfully created by Ginger, your enemy and wife. You have one advantage over Ginger; you can spawn up to 18 different creature combinations, each with special abilities and functions.’

On a mission to find new subjects for their gene-splicing, bio-mech manipulations, Fred and Ginger Jean, husband and wife, crash their spaceship. Stranded on opposite ends of the Crab Nebula, they both determine to prove their case. Fred befriends the local fauna, instantly adding to and enhancing their natural defences. Ginger splices plant DNA, flora already adapted for fighting…and winning!

You can view the trailer below:

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