KeyMouse Re-invents the Keyboard and Mouse

Keyboard/Mouse Hybrid Rapidly Drawing Attention as Kickstarter “Staff Pick”

KeyMouse Re-invents the Keyboard and Mouse

LAS VEGAS, Nevada — January 19, 2015 — ZZ, Inc., a developer of industry-leading technology solutions, unveiled its prototype KeyMouse™, which combines a keyboard and mouse in a more efficient and ergonomic design, to enthusiastic crowds last week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015.

The innovative new hybrid input device has been rapidly generating interest on Kickstarter since its debut on the crowdfunding site as a “Staff Pick” earlier this month.

A KeyMouse set includes a right-hand unit and a left-hand unit with a QWERTY (or alternative) keyboard split in half over the two devices.

“As a software developer, I write a lot of code, and I’ve grown tired of all the time wasted by constantly moving my hand back and forth between my conventional keyboard and mouse,” said ZZ, Inc. founder and CEO Heber Allred. “By creating the KeyMouse, we’ve eliminated the inefficiencies that result from the keyboard and mouse being separate devices as well as making it much more ergonomic. Now, with a KeyMouse in each hand, everyone who uses a computer can keep their hands in typing position even while moving the mouse, because their hands never leave the keyboard.  It’s great for gaming, CAD design, software development, order entry, transcribing, and many other uses at the computer.”

Each handset is equipped with a laser mouse sensor to allow users to operate the mouse functions with either the right or left unit.  The other laser sensor can be configured for specialized functions such as rotating 3D models, scrolling, panning, zooming, and other application specific uses.

“Combining keyboard and mouse functionalities is the logical evolution of input devices for the 21st century,” Allred added. “People will love the comfort and efficiency of the KeyMouse in everyday use.”

Among the innovative features the company intends to incorporate in its KeyMouse are customization options such as programmable key layouts, which will allow owners to run macros and override pre-programmed functions that enable control over music playback, browser navigation, and other common operations.

With the product now in its final stages of development, ZZ, Inc. projects that its Windows- and Mac OS-compliant, Bluetooth 3.0-equipped KeyMouse will be available for purchase at a retail price of $299.00 before the end of 2015, with the first 500 sets available on a limited basis to early Kickstarter backers for just $249.00.

“We couldn’t be more excited about our KeyMouse, especially after the reception we got at CES,” said James Allred, ZZ, Inc.’s director of marketing. “We’re working with other industry leaders—including a world-class design and engineering firm in California to make KeyMouse a best-in-class product that redefines the market.”

KeyMouse currently has 10 more days to go on Kickstarter with $48,685 funded out of the desired $100,000 goal.

Source: Official Website and Press Release