Kash Karnival Now Available on iOS

Kash Karnival Now Available on iOS

Previously released as a popular Facebook game, Kash Karnival is an innovative, skill-based casino hub hybrid created by Aussie developer Royal Wins. The game allows players to bet on their in-game performance — and with their winnings, redeem real-world prizes such as iPads, headphones, accessories, and even GoPro cameras.

More than a collection of fun mini-games, Kash Karnival includes a healthy dose of storytelling through entertaining cut-scenes that feature the game’s lovable characters — such as Betty, who stars in “Up & Away.”

Rowan Khan was a famous magician who wanted to use real magic instead of tricks. While searching the world, he found the Mojis — special beings on Moji Island who taught him the magical arts. Enthralled by the power of the Mojis, Rowan Khan chose to fuse himself with the God of the Mojis. He then became a new entity known as “Mojikan” and created the Kash Karnival — a place where he could control anyone’s fortune through the power of the Magick Trinity (hat, cane and necklace).

Robert Fong (Chief Operations Officer, Royal Wins):

“The exciting part of playing our hybrid casino games is what you can win. It’s great when players get to purchase in-game items with their well-earned fortunes — but it’s even better when they can win real prizes such as iPads and GoPros based solely off their gaming skills. That’s what Kash Karnival is all about.”


  • Bet on your skills in a variety of arcade and puzzle games
  • Play casino games with skill-based bonus features
  • Cash in your winnings for real prizes
  • Win and obtain lottery tickets to use within the in-game Lottery Alley
  • Compete with other users for the top spot on the leaderboards

Take a look at the Kash Karnival video:

Kash Karnival is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The game is free with in-app purchases. (here is the iPAD link).

Source: Press Release