Kalimba Sneak Peak & Trailer by Press Play for Xbox One

Developer Press Play (Max: The Curse of Brotherhood) has released a new video for its “jumping, puzzling, swapping and stacking” game, Kalimba.

Kalimba Trailer by Press Play for Xbox One

In Kalimba you control two pieces of a totem pole at the same time with the same input. The challenge, the two are not always on the same path.

Kalimba plays in solid 60 fps full HD with controls tighter that tight. It feels both retro and new at the same time and its mind bending puzzle design and twitch gameplay present plenty of challenge for the experienced gamer.

Kalimba features a local “couch” co-op campaign that you can challenge yourself and a friend with. It is designed to be played right away and does not require tutorial or unlocks. The basic premise for the co-op campaign? We have doubled everything – except the double jump. It has been quadrupled!

 Take a look at the new Kalimba trailer below:

Get access to the Sneak Peek

On November 19th, the developer will open for an exclusive Sneak Peek of Kalimba on Xbox One and only 5000 players will be invited in. If you are interested in joining go to the official website soon when they open for registration – or follow them on Twitter, where they will let you know.

If you signed up for the old “Project Totem Beta” you will receive access to the Kalimba Sneak Peek.

Kalimba releases December 17 exclusively for Xbox One.

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Source: Official Website