KAKAO GAMES Reaches 550 Million Registered Users

KAKAO GAMES Reaches 550 Million Registered Users

Seoul, South Korea – Kakao Games has announced that it has reached over 550 million registered users across its games portfolio and services. Furthermore, the company’s joint CEOs (CEO Whon Namkoong and CEO Kyehyun Cho) declared their vision to grow towards 30 million DAU within the near future whilst officially announcing the integration of Kakao’s game related businesses to Kakao Games.

The Future and vision of the reborn Kakao Games subsidiary

Kakao Games will integrate the game business part of Kakao (CEO Rim Ji-hoon) and will officially launch as Kakao’s subsidiary on November 1st.

With today’s integration, Kakao Games is reborn as a global multi-platform game company with more than 550 million* cumulative registered users. Kakao Games portfolio covers everything from mobile games and PC online games to VR and AR products. [*Based on Kakao Games data in September 2017]

Kakao Games has exceeded 10 million DAU via its product model, ‘for kakao’ in 2012 which has resulted in popularizing mobile games and solidifying the base of videogames in Korea. Over the past five years, Kakao Games has launched over 1,100 games through partnerships with more than 570 game developers.

Core Business Competencies of the reborn Kakao Games subsidiary
Kakao Games’ core competencies that include its platform and publishing know-how will be strengthened with the integration of game development subsidiaries, including Kakao VX, a studio that specialises in VR and AR experiences.

In the mobile game sector, the company will expand its user base with ‘Kakao Games’ channelling operations and direct publishing, mobile games platform: ‘Gamebyul’, and ‘Starplay’ that enables mobile games to be played on PC.

Kakao Games will continue to provide game services in a variety of genres, such as ‘Friends Game’, ‘Kakao Game S’, and HTML5 based ‘Snack Game’, and continues to explore successful business models such as ‘Friends Popcorn for kakao’ and ‘Onmyoji  for kakao’.

The PC online game division will continue high quality publishing and channelling videogames through the PC game portal ‘Daum Game’. Especially, ‘PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS’, which is scheduled to be released this month, is expected to be hugely successful in the South Korean game market.

Kakao Games will strengthen its game development competency by integrating game development focused subsidiaries such as the ‘Super Nova Eleven’ and ‘Kakao VX’, a newly launched business development subsidiary, which will enter the ‘e-sports’ market with combined VR, AR and AI elements.

Global market expansion will continue with Kakao Games subsidiary Kakao Games Europe (CEO, Min Kim), which has entered the North American / European market successfully 2 years ago and has since grown considerably. Internationally, Kakao Games will be publishing a variety of games to major markets such as North America, Europe, and Japan.

Additionally, Kakao plans to further enhance its role as a platform for connecting users and partners and to focus on creating synergies with Kakao subsidiaries.

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