Just Dance Kids 2014 Announced


Ubisoft has announced Just Dance Kids 2014 that will showcase new and returning modes and features.

The following comes directly from the Ubiblog:

Hot artists like One Direction, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato will be included in the tracklist along with songs from TV shows, movies and more. There will also be new song covers re-recorded by kids, including nursery rhymes so even the younger kids can jump in and have a good time. “Give Your Heart a Break,” “One Thing,” “The Freeze Game” and “Make it Shine (Victorious Theme)” will be among the 30 tracks in the game, along with covers like “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Footloose.”

There will be a few new modes to highlight the Wii U and Kinect capabilities. Exclusively on the Kinect, Just Create Mode lets kids make music videos using their own choreography and routines. Dance Director Mode is only on the Wii U and it gives one player the chance to throw curveballs at their friends by surprising them with dance move suggestions in the middle of a song. When these curveball moments pop up, the player holding the gamepad can select a dance style – ranging from Rockstar and Ninja to Fairy and Snake – and at that point in the song the other players will take a break from the song’s choreography to do their best to impress the selector with their moves. The “leader” with the gamepad can then tap the players’ avatars to grant them points based on their interpretive dancing skills.

Just Dance Kids 2014 Announced

Finally, all console versions will include Parents’ Corner. Here players will find non-stop shuffle options, custom playlists and a fitness tracker. Parents can even see how many calories their child burns while dancing. Kids can party by themselves for a little fun exercise or they can grab a group of friends to play cooperatively or competitively. Groove with up to four players in multiplayer mode to rack up the highest team score.

Just Dance Kids 2014 will release for Xbox 360, Wii and Wii U on October 22 in the United States.

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