Jumping Joe non-Stop Vertical Platformer by Deep Silver FISHLABS Leaps onto iOS & Android

Jumping Joe non-Stop Vertical Platformer by Deep Silver FISHLABS Leaps onto iOS & Android

Prepare yourselves for the most addictive mobile game you will play all year! German premium publisher Deep Silver FISHLABS and Polish indie developer Power Up Game Studio take you to new heights with Jumping Joe, which is out now on iOS and Android

HAMBURG, Germany – May 11, 2017 – Deep Silver FISHLABS from Hamburg, Germany, and Power Up Game Studio from Gdańsk, Poland, are happy to announce the worldwide release of their first conjoint project. Jumping Joe is a fast-paced arcade game with wacky characters, stylized comic graphics and a gazillion references to contemporary pop culture. It is now available for free on a broad range of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

“We did not have to think twice about partnering with Power Up to bring Jumping Joe to the App Store and Google Play,” says Andreas Stecher, Director of BizDev & Sales at Deep Silver FISHLABS. “Everyone at our studio loved the game from the moment they first laid hands on it. Jumping Joe is the kind of app you just cannot put aside. As soon as any of your friends have beaten your high score, you will start playing again until you have reclaimed your position on top of the leaderboards.”

Jumping Joe’s go-getting features:

■ ONE DIRECTION: Reach for the top and go up high… waay up high!
■ SUPER-ADDICTIVE: Chase high scores and share them with your friends!
■ MIGHT AS WELL JUMP: Leap from platform to platform via tap or swipe controls!
■ SHIFTING COLORS: Enter Joe’s ever-changing world – are you up for it?
■ LIL’ HELPERS: Fly rockets, trigger bombs and use many helpful power-ups!
■ DRESS TO IMPRESS: Unlock tons of characters, helmets and trails to customize Joe according to your own liking!

Check Out the Jumping Joe Official Gameplay Google Play Trailer:

Jumping Joe can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play free of charge.

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