Jagged Alliance: Back in Action New DLC: Urban Specialist Kit Now Available

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action DLC: Urban Specialist Kit, all new content for Jagged Alliance – Back in Action is Now Available on Steam.

The Urban Specialist Kit includes:

  • SCAR-L CQB Urban: FN’s latest addition to the SCAR family is the “L” or Light version, chambered in 5.56mm NATO. This version comes in a new camouflage pattern for urban operations.
  • Kevlar helmet: The latest craze in head protection is made of minimum weight/maximum efficiency – Kevlar compounds and comes in a variety of camouflage flavors to fit every combatant’s needs – including a special urban camo.
  • Military dress-shirt: Long-sleeved shirt, hiding scars and tattoos under well-sewn fair-trade cotton. It comes in a special urban camouflage pattern and is perfect for both household and combat situations.
  • How to collect your Specialist Kit: After purchasing and activating your DLC via the Steam client, return to Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Once you have captured Drassen airport (thus completing the very first mission of the game) you will get an in-game email with details on the DLC items. After one in-game day, the items will be delivered to Drassen airport. Look for them in a chest in the hangar next to the airplane. You can equip any merc with the Specialist Kit.

You can download the new DLC on Steam for $1.99.

Are you looking forward to playing some new action?