iThrive Initiative Issues Request for Empathy Games Proposals

iThrive Initiative Issues Request for Empathy Games Proposals

Initiative seeks proposals for digital games to promote empathy in adolescents

Nashville, TN – February 22, 2016 — The iThrive Initiative released a request for proposals (RFP) today seeking proposals for electronic games that strengthen adolescent emotional well-being. iThrive is specifically looking to fund “vertical slices” of new games, and modifications (“mods”) for existing games, which help increase empathy in adolescents. Submissions are due March 15, 2016. Any game developer, worldwide, is welcome to submit a proposal. In addition to financial awards, iThrive will provide additional support resources including subject matter experts, detailed information on how to  apply empathy in games, how to measure empathy, a diverse network of adolescent playtesters, testing of the slices and mods, and important partnerships with leading academics in gaming and positive psychology.

The RFP document includes all expectations and submission requirements and is publicly available by visiting here. An online question and answer session for interested game developers will be held in early March. Developers interested in joining the webinar should register on the website.

“The unlimited interactive and creative environments found in digital games provide a unique opportunity to encourage adolescents to explore aspects of themselves,” said iThrive founder Dorothy Batten. “They can practice playing roles they may not have the opportunity or courage to do in their real lives, step into the shoes of others, develop new perspectives, find solutions to problems, and learn more effective ways of communicating and interacting with others,” she added. “All of these skills can be utilized to cope with the obstacles and stressors that confront teens at school, home, and in their communities, and prepare them for future careers.”

About the iThrive Initiative
The D.N. Batten Foundation in partnership with Centerstone Research Institute (CRI) launched the iThrive Initiative, a charitable effort to facilitate the development of digital games and applications that promote emotional well-being among adolescents. iThrive will foster a cooperative ecosystem bringing together game developers, subject matter experts, investors and donors, educators, researchers, youth, and youth organizations. Learn more about the iThrive Initiative by visiting here.

About the DN Batten Foundation
The DN Batten Foundation provides opportunities for more people to live healthy, fruitful lives, especially through the promotion of healthier environmental conditions, emotional wellbeing, and increased access to quality mental health care. It is based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Funding for iThrive has been provided by the D.N. Batten Foundation.

About Centerstone Research Institute 
Centerstone Research Institute (CRI) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality and effectiveness of care for those with mental health and addiction disorders. It is the research affiliate of Centerstone, one of the largest providers of community mental health in the United States. CRI provides research, analytics and evaluation services that help bridge the gap between the scientific discovery of effective treatments and the implementation of these treatments into standard clinical practice. CRI is funded through contracts, grants, foundations and individual donors who share the organization’s commitment to bridging the gap between science and service. Learn more about CRI by visiting here.

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