Irrational Games is Expanding and Has Many New Job Openings

Irrational Games is expanding and is looking for talented individuals to join their team.
The following are the open vacancies:
    • Art: Character Artist
    • Art: FX Artist
    • Art: Lead FX Artist
    • Art: Tech Artist
    • Audio: Audio Programmer
    • Design: Design Manager
    • Design: Level Designer
    • Design: Systems Designer
    • IT: IT Manager
    • Narrative: Writer
    • Programming
    • Programming: A.I. Principal Programmer
    • Programming: Build Engineer
    • Programming: Graphics Programmer
    • Programming: Senior Gameplay Programmer
    • Programming: UI Programmer
    • QA: QA Engineer

    You can view the official tweet below:

    We’re always on the lookout for more talented individuals join our team. See our available positions here: #gamejobs
    — Irrational Games (@IrrationalGames) May 16, 2013

    Does anything catch your eye or do you know someone else who might be interested?