Ironkraft – Road to Hell is Headed to Steam Early Access

Ironkraft - Road to Hell is Headed to Steam Early Access

Action-packed car-brawler arriving to PC this month! Get ready to rumble on October 21st, check intro video and screens now

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY – October 16, 2015 Indie video game developer Invoker Studios announced that Ironkraft – Road to Hell, a fast paced 2.5D side-scrolling car-brawler game comes to Steam on 21st October as an Early Access game. Go through six levels with three different cars, equip your ride with various weapons, armor, engines and other upgrades, loot hard while you’re hitting the road and sell them in the next city for more profit.

Get ready for a mad ride and don’t forget: Drive – Smash – Shoot – REPEAT!

Take a look at the intro video:

Ironkraft – Road to Hell rolls out with an alternative World War II story – Zombies, Nazis and maximum craziness included! Oh, did we mention Aliens too? In a Mad Max-like post-apocalyptic vehicle driven universe, where people are living in isolated colonies on Earth, no one can be safe on the road. The scarce supplies of the remaining cities are transported by the so-called Roadtraders. You!

Ironkraft – Road to Hell releases on Steam Early Access on October 21, 2015.

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