Iron Tides Needs Your Votes on Square Enix Collective

Iron Tides Needs Your Votes on Square Enix Collective

Developer Crash Wave Games, Inc. has announced that their single-player adventure-strategy game for the PC, Iron Tides, has been Greenlit on Steam, and is currently up for votes on Square Enix Collective.

Iron Tides is a rogue-lite, turn-based strategy game for the PC, following the adventures of a savage warband. Players assume the authority of a Viking Chieftain, and command their crew across an unforgiving sea in search of pillage and plunder.

Iron Tides Features:

  • Revive an impoverished home town called Norhaven. It is your right and honour to seek gold and resources to rise above such modest beginnings
  • Conscript a savage crew on board a ship, with limited hold-capacity. Beginner ships are worn from neglect, you must prioritize your resources, and assign your crew wisely. Do you value food, gold, or the lives of your people?
  • Explore and Sail across a sea of randomly generated content. A successful voyage is fresh with new islands, trading outposts, and unexpected surprises
  • Battle a medley of enemies using a unique Fury-point resource system. Free actions and movement are given each turn, but gaining Fury is an honourable chance to fight beyond starting capabilities
  • Upgrade your Vikings to serve your purposes. Each Viking has access to four stat-based abilities, empowering your command in battle.

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Watch the Iron Tides promo trailer:

Iron Tides has been Greenlit on Steam and you can help vote for the game on Square Enix Collective right now.

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