iPAD REVIEW: Lost Horizon by Deep Silver FISHLABS

iPAD REVIEW: Lost Horizon by Deep Silver FISHLABS

This is Gaming Cypher’s iPAD review of point-and-click adventure title, Lost Horizon by Deep Silver FISHLABS.

Right off the bat, we appreciated the nostalgic 1936 tone, sounds and great graphics of Lost Horizon. The game immediately reminded me of an Indiana Jones offshoot, and I could not wait to begin playing.

iPAD REVIEW: Lost Horizon by Deep Silver FISHLABS

Gameplay on the iPAD could not be any easier. It was seamless and without any glitches. Those of you who are expecting a high degree of difficulty level will not find it here. Instead, you will find a much friendlier tone of adventure and puzzle solving degree filled with fun and excitement.

If you ever feel as though you have no idea what to do, just open up the ledger and it will tell you, step-by-step, what the level requirements are and how to achieve them. Couldn’t be any simpler.

I also appreciated the length of the adventure peppered with exotic locations. Not only was the storyline interesting and fun, but Lost Horizon is filled with awesome cutscenes and very detailed graphics to enhance the playing experience. The puzzle solving was fun and not too difficult (developed by the makers of Secret Files).

iPAD REVIEW: Lost Horizon by Deep Silver FISHLABS

If I had one complaint, it would be that the conversations were sometimes a bit lengthy, but manageable.

Here is a synopsis of the game:

… The year is 1936. After his dismissal from the British Air Force, Fenton Paddock struggles along as a smuggler and petty crook – until he receives the lucrative offer to trace an expedition that went missing in the highlands of Tibet. But Fenton and his ex-girlfriend Kim are not the only ones eager to find the missing researchers. The Nazis have sent a secret task force to Tibet as well and assigned them to get hold of the lost explorers, whose revolutionary findings bear the power to change the fate of the world forever.

We recommend Lost Horizon as a definite buy and rate it 4.5 / 5

Lost Horizon is available on the App Store.

[The app does not run on iPad 2 (or older), iPhone 4S (or older) and iPod touch 4G (or older). We recommend playing on iPad 3 (or newer), iPhone 5 (or newer) and iPod touch 5G]