iPAD REVIEW for Fire Fu

iPAD REVIEW for Fire Fu

This is Gaming Cypher’s iPAD review for arcade-type title Fire Fu by developer RetroFist.

Upon starting the game, I was immediately reminded of Fruit Ninja, having to slack and hack my way across the screen (after playing the less frantic tutorial). All types of crazed creatures will appear on the screen, such as panicking sheep, spiders and some type of blobs that you will have to use your finger to slash across the screen.

My favorite attack move by far is the scribbling across the screen and watching it burst into flames, all the while damaging and burning the creatures that run into it. The flames remain for a bit as well. While you are destroying hordes of creatures at a frantic pace, bombs will appear that you have to avoid at all costs or else they destroy a huge portion of your lifespan in the game. Sounds crazy? Well, it is! Don’t worry, you will get extra powers unlocked throughout the game to make things a bit more interesting, including five magic potions.

iPAD REVIEW for Fire Fu

The cons? After playing in frantic amusement, my hand started to get a bit tired and I sometimes felt as though I just hacked and slashed everything and everyone without any rhyme or reason. Also, Fire Fu offers the ability to compete against other players although I stuck to single player as there did not seem to be any other players around at that time.

However, the visuals are gorgeous, the environments detailed nicely and Fire Fu is just a plain FUN way to pass the time. I would recommend it as a BUY and rate it 3.5/5.

Here is the Fire Fu launch trailer:

Fire Fu is now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.