INTERVIEW: World 1-1 Video Game Documentary Movie

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Daryl Rodriguez and Jeanette Garcia who’ve put the World 1-1 video game documentary together.

INTERVIEW: World 1-1 Video Game Documentary Movie

World 1-1 is an independent documentary on the early history of video games. The personalities of the pioneers, the creations of the engineers, and the challenges, technology and business deals. See the games and hear the stories from the creators themselves. This is the story of how Atari helped create the games industry years before it should have happened. World 1-1 follows the lucky deals and unfortunate mistakes that almost destroyed the entire industry just as quickly as it was born.

1. What made you put World 1-1 together?

The passion for filmmaking and the love for video games. A few years ago Daryl read Replay by Tristan Donovan, a book about the history of the video game industry and fell in love with it. One day we decided that Kickstarter was a way to make the movie we wanted to make about video games and took a shot in the dark.

2. Was it difficult getting the individual interviews?

We wouldn’t describe it as difficult, but there were some challenges. We basically made a list of people that we wanted, and maybe half or a little more than half of the individuals on that list said yes, and then they had people they recommended to us, and that’s how we filled up the movie with characters.

3. When will the film be made available for everyone to watch and in what format?

The film launched this week and will be available only on our website and through VHX.

We are 100% independent and this is a way for us to make the transaction directly between us and the viewers of the film.

4. Can our viewers ask questions and make recommendations on the film as well?

Absolutely. We’ve been in conversation with our audience on Twitter since we launched. We would like to know what viewers would like to see in the special features section of the upcoming disc versions of the movie. You can tweet at us here: @WorldOneOneFilm

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