INTERVIEW with Top Cow’s MATT HAWKINS on Original WARFRAME Comic Series

INTERVIEW with Top Cow's MATT HAWKINS on Original WARFRAME Comic Series

We had the pleasure of interviewing with Matt Hawkins, President, COO, and Writer, Top Cow Comics:

1. Why Warframe Comics? Were you approached by Digital Extremes or did you come up with the idea and approach them?

I worked with Digital Extremes on The Darkness II video game based on our comic series and got to know Digital Extremes’ Studio Manager Sheldon Carter during that process. He emailed me about a year ago and told me about what they were doing with Warframe. He asked if we’d be interested in doing a comic series so I downloaded the game and played it. I quickly fell in love with the game and when we started to move forward with it I decided to write it myself!

2. Do you have total creative license with the Warframe storyline? Is
so, are you basing the comic series on the original story and building upon it or spinning an entirely new story line based upon the original characters?

We are working in coordination and the approvals of Digital Extremes to develop a compelling story that will be rich enough for the diehard existing players, but easy enough to get into for people who have never tried the game. The basic story outline was written by Steve Sinclair (of Digital Extremes) and we went with that. There are some new characters and a new enemy that will debut in the comic before being incorporated into the game itself.

INTERVIEW with Top Cow's MATT HAWKINS on Original WARFRAME Comic Series

3. Will your Warframe comic series be incorporated into future Warframe expansions?

Yes, they are using the new enemy being introduced. And since we’re working so closely with the storytellers responsible for the game story as well, there will be some fun cross-overs.

4. Will you be at the San Diego Comic-Con?  (if so we’ll be there and
will be happy to meet you in person 🙂
Yes! Our booth is between Marvel and Image Comics on the main aisle in the Exhibit floor and we’ll be giving away the Warframe comic there for FREE!

5. Last but not least, if you could be any video game character ever
created, who would you be and why?
Definitely Leisure Suit Larry. Leisure Suit Larry is a game that has sadly not survived the test of time. It was one of my favorite guilty pleasure games as a kid. If you don’t know that one, it was largely about a guy who unsuccessfully hit on attractive women. I think I picked this one mainly because I doubt anyone else has will ever answer this question with Leisure Suit Larry. It was a fun game though!

Thank you Matt for taking the time to interview with us!

TennoCon attendees will have the opportunity to hear Hawkins speak in person at the TennoCon Panel, “Making of the first Warframe Comic.” While TennoCon attendees will be the first to receive the exclusive Con issue, San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con attendees also have a chance to grab the Con exclusive free copy from the Top Cow booth. The Warframe comic will release to retail in October 2017.

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