INTERVIEW with Benjamin Loomes, Creator of Syrinscape

INTERVIEW with Benjamin Loomes, Creator of Syrinscape
Benjamin Loomes

Gaming Cypher had the pleasure of interviewing Benjamin Loomes, the creator of Syrinscape, the award-winning app that puts the power of custom, movie-like sound effects, soundscapes, and music, into the hands of the gamer.

1. How did you come up with the concept of Syrinscape?

I made Syrinscape simply for my own table. We were playing Dungeons & Dragons and as a musician and a theatre person, I naturally assumed I should be able to add sound to the game. I watch a movie and there’s sound, our game is better than a movie, so why are we playing in silence? I looked around for a solution to bring the environments and creatures we were encountering to life, and I really couldn’t find something that worked the way I wanted, so I built it myself. The fact that other people love it too, is just an added bonus!

2. In which environment can your subscribers best enjoy the sounds of Syrinscape?

People who buy Syrinscape SoundSets can use them to enhance their tabletop role playing games, their board games, even their live action games. That was the original intention of the App, but we’ve found that plenty of people report using the immersive qualities of Syrinscape to help them while they write, or relax, or do their taxes. Syrinscape will cover up the sounds of where you are, and drop you in the middle of a remarkable range of places and situations. So, you don’t like the sound of your fridge buzzing and the neighbours arguing? Start up Syrinscape and your can transport yourself to an Elven Forest or a Flooded Cave or a Medieval Tavern.

3. Are your sounds copyrighted or can your users utilize them in videos or other forms of media?

We love nothing more than hearing the results of all our careful crafting enhancing other peoples work. People can use the sounds Syrinscape makes in their podcast or videos, in fact just about anywhere. Check out our FAQ page for how to give us credit. We love it most when people give a personal shout out to Syrinscape. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

4. Is Syrinscape strictly for the gaming community or can others enjoy the sounds as well?

As I said above, people use Syrinscape everywhere, personally when I’m replying to emails, I like to do it from the deck of my own Starship. Just start up the Syrinscape Sci-Fi Player and you’ll find the free included SoundSet “Shipboard”. Get that going and you’ll feel more awesome than James T. Kirk.

5. If you could be any video game character ever created, who would you be?

If I could be any computer game character I’d be my totally min-maxed Half-elf Sorcerer from Neverwinter Nights I. Bringing the BOOOOOOM!

We would like to thank Benjamin Loomes of Syrinscape for taking the time to interview with us.