INTERVIEW with InSomnia Developer Studio MONO

INTERVIEW with InSomnia Developer Studio MONO

Gaming Cypher had the pleasure of interviewing Studio Lead, Guyduk Anatoliy, of Russian-based developer, Studio MONO about their Unreal Engine-based RPG, InSomnia, currently with 21 days left in its Kickstarter campaign.

1. How did you come up with the idea of InSomnia?

Well, simply put we are great fans of RPG’s and waited until we came up with something really special – it took quite some time. Eventually, we came up with the idea of an RPG, based on a story of planetary evacuation. This is how we got ourselves in this industry, and from that very point we learned many things that help us do our job right now.

INTERVIEW with InSomnia Developer Studio MONO

2. Will InSomnia be released only for PC or also on consoles in the future?

Currently we are fundamentally focused on PC. Technically we can always release the game on consoles as well, it’s just this seems to be too much for us at this moment in time.

INTERVIEW with InSomnia Developer Studio MONO

3. Would you consider a high rate of replayability for Insomnia?

Yes! and this is something we are actually working on right now. High replayability rate is one of our goals, but this is going to be a very special type of replayability. Let’s just say that if players are not pleased by the outcome of their decisions, there will be an opportunity to seek alternative ways to solve those situations dictated by the game world. We cannot really go into more detail than that, otherwise we’ll give away too much!

INTERVIEW with InSomnia Developer Studio MONO

4) Why did you decide on Unreal Engine 4 versus Unity or CryEngine?

This was actually something that we voted for internally. We had to pick between Unity, UE4, and CryEngine. So the team explored all options one by one and came to the conclusion that UE4 will be the best option for us. We are super happy with this engine and it is pretty hard to imagine where we would be right now, in terms of development, had we kept working Ogre 3D and our proprietary engine. However, everyone can see for themselves at the results we have achieved with UE4.

INTERVIEW with InSomnia Developer Studio MONO

5. Last but not least, if you could be any video game character ever created, who would you be?

Well if that could be literally any character, I would pick the stone talking head from a Fallout 2 random encounter. Although I would rather be a sleeping stone head rather than a talking one :). I don’t remember when I last had a full, decent night’s sleep!

We would like to thank Guyduk Anatoliy, Studio Lead of Studio MONO for taking the time to interview with us about InSomnia.

You can help support InSomnia on Kickstarter right now.

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