InterPlanet Epic Mobile Game Revealed by Four Thirty Three

InterPlanet Epic Mobile Game Revealed by Four Thirty Three

Leading Mobile Game Publisher and Developer Announces Expansive Sci-Fi Strategic Space Simulation Game Written By Veteran DC Comics Editor and Author Dana Kurtin

Seoul Feb. 17, 2016 – The stakes don’t get much higher than this.  The battle for the future of the galaxy against opposing races will soon begin as Four Thirty Three Inc., a leading mobile game publisher and developer, revealed 3D sci-fi strategy simulation game InterPlanet. Written by DC Comics and DC Universe Online editor and author Dana Kurtin, InterPlanet is set to launch globally later this year. The game is now available in “soft launch” to download for mobile gamers in Australia, Canada, Finland and New Zealand and Singapore on iOS and Android devices.

InterPlanet Epic Mobile Game Revealed by Four Thirty Three

InterPlanet is a 3D action-adventure, strategy simulation game where players must choose to ally and lead the Anxo or Human races to victory in a battle for the universe and survival. The battle rages into deep space as players travel and conquer a variety of planets as part of an engrossing and tension-filled storyline. Players will be able to play solo or battle against others to collect fleets, skills and resources to defend and strengthen bases from an onslaught of alien invaders.

With its upcoming global launch, InterPlanet will feature:

  • Extensive Universe filled with Planets to Conquer: Travel the universe to explore and conquer planets to build a galactic empire and strength the fleet;
  • Galactic Fleets and Captains to Command: Collect over 30 fleets and over 60 captains, each with unique advantages and skills to master and strategize;
  • Engrossing and tension-filled storyline: Journey through the game’s epic storyline created by veteran comic author and editor, Dana Kurtin;
  • Compete in the Player versus Player (PvP) Raid Battles: Battle against a friend in the fierce raid battle mode to take enemy resources;
  • Powerful Space Bases to Manage: Strategically upgrade player bases to mount the ultimate space offense and defense.

Here is the InterPlanet Reveal Trailer:

InterPlanet will be available worldwide for iOS and Android in 2017. A “soft launch” version of the game is available to play right now for free for iOS and Android in Australia, Canada and Singapore.

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