Interactive Graphic Novel HEARTBEATS Now Out on iPhones

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher, developer Kong Orange announced that interactive graphic novel Heartbeats is now out on iPhones.

Interactive Graphic Novel HEARTBEATS Now Out on iPhones

Heartbeats is told one heartbeat at the time. Each heartbeat corresponds with a memory in the mind of an old intergalactic human. He looks back at his life as it draws to an end.


Heartbeats is made for hardcore puzzle gamers. The game is short and tight, but the puzzles are tough in the old school unforgiving sense. It won’t swallow your entire life, because it’s short, but you’ll certainly be fully challenged – all the way up to the brink of total frustration, tears and giving up. Every screen sized page in the game is a puzzle, including the text. Each page unlocks the next. The interaction is simple and we’ve aimed for the absolute minimum of hints.


You get the first three interactive pages for free and then you pay $0.99 for the final seven puzzles of the game.


To focus and be effective during the production and still create a quality art experience the three developers created a set of dogmas, left out sound and made a creative short hand solution to game music.


  1. Each page is the puzzle that unlocks the next
  2. All puzzles must tell parts of the story
  3. Text and illustrations must be parts of the puzzle

Subscribing to this genre invention we decided to work with static puzzles, just as a page would be static in a graphic novel. Yet they are still interactive. The dogmas have given us a simple scale on which to measure, what should be in the puzzle and what shouldn’t. Basically the game is very much a puzzle no matter the play of genres and it has clear inspiration from point’n’click adventures. There’s no sound or music for Heartbeats, but inspired by reading experiences, where you put on a great record and read a good book, we supply Spotify playlists for playing Heartbeats.


  • Anna Lidell – Electronica artist
  • Danny Kreutzfeldt – Doom metal label owner
  • Signe Bisgaard – Jazz composer
  • All You Read Is Love – London based indie bookshop and cafe
  • Cav Bøgelund – Comic book creator & animated film director
  • Dreamers’ Circus – Scandinavian folk music band 

Here is the Heartbeats teaser trailer:

You can get Heartbeats on iTunes – (the first 3 levels are free and it’s only $ 0,99 in total).

Source: Press Release