Insurgency – New “Security Heights Push” Video


New World Interactive has released a new video for Insurgency, titled ‘New World Interactive.’

The developer describes the game as,

“A first-person team-based shooter for up to 32 players designed for Windows® PC and Mac OS X (and in the future, Linux), using Valve’s Source Engine. INSURGENCY is based on the popular total conversion for Half-Life 2 – Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat – that saw more than a million free downloads and was awarded the ModDB “Player’s Choice Mod of the Year” in 2007. It is a highly intense, realistic experience. This means no cross-hairs, realistic weapon damage, and careful maneuvering.”

You can view the new ‘Security Heights Push’ video below:

The Key Features of Insurgency are:

  • Experience intense 32 player online action with a focus on teamwork
  • Rack up supply for your team and customize the game’s arsenal to your unique play style
  • Several multiplayer game types and game modes including the intense online co-op experience “Insurgent Hunt” and a “Realism” mode crafted by the community
  • Multiple environments that span several unique settings and play styles
  • Three unique player classes that affect movement and gameplay on the battlefield
  • Highly immersive audio with 3D VOIP to coordinate with and track other players
  • Help the development team prototype new maps and game modes
  • Create custom maps and content using the Insurgency SDK
  • Playable on both PC and Mac OSX and supports multiplayer cross-compatibility
  • Dedicated Server Support for PC and Linux

The game is is currently in Early Access form on Steam and will be released sometime on PC, Linux, and Mac.

Are you looking forward to playing?