Insomnia48 Start Today, Trailer

Insomnia, Multiplay’s eSports festival, officially starts today in the UK and will last through the 25th. Check out the opening ceremony video below.

You can also watch the ESET UK Masters live on Twitch. The following is the schedule of events:

  • 12.00: Opening ceremony.
  • 11.00: ESET UK Masters Group A/B (StarCraft II)
  • 16.00: Aquatuning TF2 Cup
  • 21.00: Pub Quiz
  • 10.00: Shootmania
  • 12.30: ESET UK Masters Rp 16 #2
  • 15.00: MadCatz CS:GO Cup Final
  • 17.30: Razer League of Legends Cup
  • 20.30: ESET UK Masters SCII Final
  • 22.30: Multiplay Xbox Black Ops II Final

You can check out the opening ceremony below:

Will you be watching the exciting footage live?