INSIDIA Review for PC Beta on Steam Early Access

INSIDIA Review for PC Beta on Steam Early Access

Everyone might have played turn-based strategy games like XCOM or Disgaea 5. Visuals are different bu,t yes the concept is still the same. Player has to control certain characters and have them do certain actions each turn. Insidia is a similar game developed and published by Bad Seed, and the game is currently available as Beta on Steam.

Insidia is really limited in terms of game modes, as it is still in beta phase, so we don’t know what to expect in the full release. We tested the game with AI as we were not able to find many players to play with online. The game only has either online play against player or against AI.

Insidia starts with player selecting the team of 4 characters, and make sure of what kind of team build player wants, as each character has a different class, either tanker, assassin, specialist and all. Once the player selection is done, the game will start. Player has certain amount of time to make the selection of what they want to do with the champions. All the champions need to be deployed before we can use them, and person can only use one character in one turn. Once the selection is done, there is movement execution turn and in the end it is the combat specific actions which will taken care of.

INSIDIA Review for PC on Steam Early Access

A person cannot move same character in consecutive turns. The objective of the game is to take over the energy portal. And use the cannons on the center to fire at the enemy base. The champion needs to stand on the specific position to have cannon fire. Any of the structure gets destroyed by the cannon, champion can be made use of that gate specific gate to sabotage the base, and this will cause victory.

Insidia needs to be played strategically and have to use the skill of each champion to win the game. Sometimes the game can be finished faster, sometimes it can even take an hour to finish. The graphics of the game are so far simple and environment feels like Overwatch a bit, with all the textures and color scheme.

The game still has a lot of potential of improvement as it is still in beta phase, some things are missing such as character development and we feel disconnected with a few characters. It is not exactly clear why everything happens at first. After one game of playing through for a long time was able to get an idea of what is going on.

I would rate Insidia as 7.5 stars, as for the beta, because it is still unclear and less game mode to play with, looking at it as beta, I am sure there will be a lot of improvements that the developers will do for the game, and hopefully full release will have a lot of different additions to it.

Here is the Insidia Beta Gameplay Video:

INSIDIA is now available on Steam Early Access.