This is Gaming Cypher’s review done by Jess The Arch Mage for the PC version of Infinium Strike by  former Ubisoft producers working as Codex Worlds and published by 1C Company.


When I first caught wind of Infinium Strike I was overjoyed. Science fiction was definitely one of the best parts of my childhood.  From Movies, and TV shows, all of the way down to comics, and novels. So when the screenshots started showing up on the internet I couldn’t help but to get excited about it. As soon as I launched the game I noticed that the visuals were absolutely stunning! The amount of detail that went into the nebula and far off galaxies really give it that depth perception feel.

The campaign was really good! The realism of the game’s scientific technology was fantastic. It almost made me feel as if it could actually be used for practical application. Who wouldn’t want to travel through space on a starship and blast away aliens? Seems like a fantasy we’ve all thought about since Space Invaders on Atari;Which is exactly how Infinium Strike felt to me. However, despite the great sound track and epic visuals, it just began to seem stationary and a bit bland. I expected more than just building turrets and deploying ships.


When I noticed I couldn’t control the deployed ships I was instantly disappointed. Call me spoiled but I was hoping to have an intergalactic dog fight. Sadly there was none of that, only building turrets and deploying brainless ships to zap nearby enemies. After about 4 hours of gameplay Infinium Strike definitely got stale, but I pushed on in hopes of discovering a feature that you had to work towards. Besides Ship and turret upgrades that was it. Also, although Infinium Strike has three difficulty settings, it was still quite short, only having 10 levels in each one.

My thoughts are that if you’re the type of gamer who likes to play something while you enjoy your coffee in the morning, then this game is perfect for you. The music & visuals are fantastic! You might be annoyed a bit by the droid telling you that you’re out of Infinium but it’s worth playing. I rate the game a 7/10 –  I would have rated the game higher if I could have controlled or even manually flown the deployed starships. Nevertheless, I enjoyed playing Infinium Strike and have even caught myself playing it just to pass time.

Here is the Infinium Strike Official Launch Trailer:

Infinum Strike is now available for PC on Steam for $14.99 USD with a 15% launch discount in select stores. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One simultaneous releases are now planned for Q4 2016.