Infinity Blade 3: Soul Hunters – New Update and Trailer

Developer Chair has posted an update for Infinity Blade 3: Soul Hunters and released a new video for it.

The free update pack will come out Halloween, October 31 for iOS and will feature the following:

  • A new quest showcasing Isa and Siris fighting a new enemy, Oslim the Deathless Bloodmage who wields dual Infinity Blades and if you take him down you can claim them as your own
  • A new Vile Armour set for Siris
  • A Stealth Armour set for Isa
  • 4 new explore quests
  • Extra challenge tiers
  • Smoother response times, and
  • A Pumpkin Helm

You can view the Soul Hunters Preview video below:

You can also view a couple of new screenshots below:

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